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The ideal software solution for authoring and administering your own training content, tests and certification programs online. is an online, web-based software application that allows organizations to create, manage and administer all types of testing, training and assessment programs.

Solution highlights
  • Create and manage simple online quizzes or complex certificate programs.
  • Our flexible, scalable testing solution is very affordable. Costs are as low as $1 per test taken.
  • The self-service format allows your employee development and certification teams to author online tests and create courses in minutes with no training.
  • The fully online solution includes 15 years of best practices from e-learning management, course management and corporate training.
  • Engineered to incorporate a wide variety of testing features and capabilities with the ease of use of best-in-class certification program management systems.
  • A complete set of user preferences allows you to control the user experience for the feel of a custom testing solution.
  • Powerful reporting, analytics and data tools allow you to manage multiple tests and large enrollments with varying levels of certification.
  • User interface options allow your website to look and feel like your web site.
  • Our authoring, testing and administration tools are easy to use – no technical knowledge is necessary.
  • Your private account is hosted on our secure servers – a perfect solution for outsourcing your Web based testing software needs.
  • Our customer support team offers unmatched assistance for any training, authoring or administration needs.
  • The strength of our product is represented by a global customer base that selected for their online testing solution.
Why large domestic and global companies use for online testing and certification needs
  • is versatile enough and scalable enough to handle all of your organization’s e-learning program needs.
  • Our testing sites and components ideally integrate with your intranets and extranets.
  • Our easy-to-configure solutions allow your site to match the look and feel of your site.
  • includes powerful reporting and data analytics tools. Data exports with highly flexible options make it easy to communicate user results.
  • Our Software as a Service (SAAS) model means no technical knowledge is necessary, and virtually eliminates any infrastructure requirements. No software to install – we host your private website on our servers in our secure data center.
  • Low cost with no set up fees – entry level cost is about $1 per test taken.
  • The solution is a highly scalable enterprise system with a global customer base. It easily supports small groups (less than 100) and testing needs for large groups (more than 1,000).
  • Over our 15 year history, has evolved into the most powerful Web based training solution available. Our features, ease of use and customer service is unmatched.
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