Use the following help topics to get answers to your frequently asked questions fast!

“I need assistance accessing a test or a lesson.”
Answer: Are you associated with an organization that invited you into their private website to take a test? You’ll need to contact that organization for access assistance. provides online testing software to enterprises. We don’t provide testing solutions; it’s our customers that provide these solutions using our software. It’s our customers that invite their users into their private websites and setup tests. Because of confidentially and privacy concerns, we can’t give individuals access into our customer’s private websites.

“I’m customer or using a trial and need some technical support setting up my site using your software application.”
Answer: We would love to help.  First, as superuser logged into your site, have you reviewed the help checklists and videos under Manage Help?  You should contact your representative if you need further assistance.  Click here if you don’t know who to contact and include your Account Code in your questions text.  We can help you faster this way.

“I would like to learn more about your software and possibly use it for my organization.”
Answer: The best resource we offer to help you learn more about our solution is this website.  Review both the ‘Quick Tours’ and ‘Organizations’ menu choices.  Note the Feature Matrix and Pricing tabs under ‘Organizations’ menu choices.  Click here for our suggested Next Steps.  Free to Contact us if you still have unanswered questions.

“How do I get an Account Code? I want to join your site.”
Answer: If you are looking for software to publish your tests and learning content on-line either privately or publicly, then we can help you.  Otherwise, unfortunately we can’t help, unless you’re a customer who got to this page accidentally.  In that case contact the organization who invited you into this site.  For security reasons we do not provide Access, Account Codes or Join Codes to individuals.

“I lost my password and need to take a test.”
Answer: You need to contact the organization who’s using the software for access help.  These organizations are customers.  But first you may want visit the log in access page you should have been given access to.  See if our customer activated the Password Help feature on that page.  Find the link labeled “Did you forget your password”.

“I took a test on your site and…”
“I want to know my score”,
“I need to take the test or lesson again”,
“Can you send me my certificate?”,
“I forgot how to access the site?”
Answer: Technically you took the test on one of our customer’s sites.  They’re using our software.  You need to contact that organization who invited you into their site for this kind of assistance.

“I’m getting spammed by you guys; please remove my email from your list.”
Answer: Getting spammed is awful and wrong.  The emails are not from us or any organizations associated with us.  You’ll note the emails have anything to do with our business, we don’t send spam.  Regrettably there’s no technical way we can stop them because they’re not coming from any server we have access to.  Click here if you would like more information.