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Summary – test.com basics

Test.com is powerful! Test.com let’s you put your tests, lessons, surveys – your entire testing and training content online. Easy to use access tools allow you to make your content available to employees, partners, technicians, registered users, the general public, or select users.

Test.com is highly customizable. Your Test.com private account site will look and feel like your website.

Use Test.com as a stand alone solution or to add training, testing and certification components to existing websites.

Test.com is incredibly simple to use and FAST!

Administrators can begin authoring tests and other content in minutes without training, and no technical knowledge is necessary.

Test.com does not require any downloads, and no software must be installed.

Test.com is also very secure and scalable. Test.com is always on and always available.

For most customers we’ll host your Test.com private account on our network of servers at no additional charge. These accounts will still look and feel like your website.

We have a wide range of global customers. User groups include clients with a few hundred accounts to accounts with over 1,000,000 users.

Test.com is very feature rich. You have many options and choices including:

  • Powerful reporting
  • A variety of ways to get data in and out
  • No limits on data storage
  • Add your own fields in a custom user data base
  • A variety of tools to manage and control tests, question types, scoring, securing data, and results notification
  • Create your own custom certificates
  • Manage an entire certification process using our unique program feature
  • The option to charge your test takers to take tests
  • You can even optionally integrate test.com with your existing data systems

Costs start as low as $1 (US) for each test taken.

A 15-year business history of experience and expertise.

We offer great support – you many never need it – but you can always speak to someone on the phone if necessary.

We want you to try Test.com! Our trials are no cost and have no time limits. We let you take as long as necessary to determine if our solution will fit your needs. It’s simple and we only need minimal information from you (such as your name, phone number and website) to get started – sign up online.  Visit the contact us page on our website for more information.